Heidi game

heidi game

n American football, the Heidi Game refers to a famous American Football League (AFL) game between the. With the Jets up by 3 with 65 seconds left, NBC switched away from the game to its scheduled programming - the movie Heidi - and TV viewers. "The Heidi Game ": New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath sweeps around the right side past Oakland defenders Ralph Oliver and Dan.

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With seven minutes left in the game, NBC had made a decision to air the remainder of the game to the East Coast and delay the start of Heidi. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Communications Preferences Contact Have a News Tip? In the season , the Jets, Raiders, San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs established themselves as the leading teams. With 42 seconds remaining, the Jets still had a chance to score; however, on the kickoff, New York return man Earl Christy fumbled the ball at the Jets' yard line when he was tackled by Raiders linebacker Bill Budness. NBC's president Julian Goodman formally apologized for the incident. NBC president Julian Goodman told his executives before the weekend that the well-sponsored, well-promoted film must start on time.


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