Start games on second monitor

start games on second monitor

Each time I launch a full screen game it opens it on the primary monitor with no way to move it to the second one. I tried opening it from the. Is there anyway to have steam launch and play my games from my 2nd monitor only? I will donate $5 via PayPal to whomever can get this. How do I have the game run full screen on the secondary monitor? Thank you. I've found that the game will start at the monitor with the shortcut icon. I've put.


How to Setup Multiple Monitors Launch the application, move it to the secondary monitor, switch the application to full screen and then close it. Log In Play Free. I haven't utilized any other software that may provide such workarounds, so you autorennen spiele online either stumble around Google or hope someone here may have knowledge of. Well you could make monitor 2 your primary. Functions and graphics of this forum may not work correctly, so please update to the most current! start games on second monitor


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