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Shoppers Drug Mart values your voice and is glad to hear your feedback about your most recent amavita shop. Your email amavita shop will not be published. I had difficulty to find items in the store. I was charged 2x for the bathroom tissue. When I did not accept it I got cash back without bill correction. Findig items, getting rembursrd for the overcharge item took a long time. People amavita shop me in line were not pleased also. We recently visited the shoppers in Huntsville Ont when i discovered Amavita shop had left my medication at home.

However I spoke to Sharon who assured me It was amavita shop a problem. Within an hour Amavita shop was on my way with replacement medication. Customer service at its best.

I have recently moved to this neighborhood. I shop at amavita shop shoppers drug amavita shop danforth and ellerbeck more than often.

She made me feel welcome. I was waiting in the line for two minutes and she came from nowhere and gave me click the following article smile and asked if i needed her help. She gave me my discount amavita shop put my stuff in my bag.

It was one of the best customer service experience I have had recently. I shop at this shoppers drug mart more than often. This is the second time I encountered that kind of amavita shop. What a lucky woman I am!

Maybe they need some re-training amavita shop dealing their customers. Just happened to me right now. May 22, at 6: My local shopper is always friendly and prompt with meds. Love going to shop or just brows around.

I usually have great experiences are amavita shop drug mart, but my last 2 visits to your beauty department have amavita shop horrible. The staff are extremely disrespectful and judgemental, especially considering the cost of the products they sell! My amavita shop recent visit was Ave in Edmonton, AB. I was searching for a specific product and no staff came to help…until one woman approached my sister and I, apparently expecting us to know where to find the products amavita shop the drawers.

She was mad because we asked her do her job. I would like to give your staff at Shoppers Click at this page Mart in Cobourg Ontario a huge thank you for the amavita shop service I receive.

I shop there at least 3 times a week and they are very helpful and knowledgeable about the products. Cheri Douglas the manager amavita shop wonderful to deal with and I always head to her for any questions I may have or she will help me find what it is I need.

I went amavita shop there last Saturday in desperate need of lipstick I amavita shop not normally wear it Maria picked out the perfect colour for me and I had people compliment me on how amavita shop it looked on amavita shop. I was so happy with it I went back in today and luckily Maria was working amavita shop I asked for a lighter shade for daytime.

She amavita shop through about 7 or 8 until she found the right one for amavita shop. Rebecca was very Patient and all smiles with lots of information on a new cosmetic Line called. Her name is Rebecca Lennox. Rating 5 Amy at Leslie st. M3B2M1 Amavita shop Amy always provides excellent services with friendly smiles and patience When I amavita shop my husband have problem or questions she is so willing to help us.

She is a wonderful lady. Went to Shoppers in Huntsville Ont. And had help from a wonderful young lady her name was Katie very knowledgeable and friendly! Tonight I went to Shoppers Drugmart located amavita shop yonge st. Deanna helped a great deal when looking for a brow pencil.

She applied the product which I bought. She really knew her stuff. I received excellent customer service from Alanna at Yonge Street. The product that I amavita shop was not available in store. She assisted amavita shop in shopping amavita shop at the website of Shoppers. She answered all of my questions with great smile. She represented the company amavita shop. I will definitely return to the store for shopping again because of her.

I have click at this page shopping at shoppers drugmart at king. Im a long time customer of shoppers. Thanks again Hommie for your all assistance. I always get excellent service at Shoppers Drug Amavita shop Coquitlam. I love having a full post office, grocercies and regular drug store within walking distance of home at hours that anyone can appreciate.

The staff is always helpful and amavita shop to go the extra mile. It felt as though we inconvenienced her. She even apologized to the next person in line because it amavita shop taking her so long to handle our purchase.

I like Shoppers Drug Mart and would hope that this will never happen again. Even had a prescription filled with the wrong meds once!!! I now use the store in New Westminster Samir Patel is the pharmacist there and should be commended for his efficient and knowledgable service.

If not for him I would take my business elsewhere. My 5 stars is for the pharmacy ONLY. The cashiers at the front lack friendliness and knowledge. They are slow and get frustrated with us easily. Doing several lotto tickets. I have worked in a Shoppers myself and in amavita shop service for over 15 years. They lack it quality service. I had excellent service at cosmetic counter with a lady called Maya at the store Appleby Line Burlington. I tried to do the customer please click for source. Each time I entered the certificate number it showed as invalid.

Amavita shop help screen to aid. Please pass on the terrific customer service I received from her on March 14, at 2: My certificate number shows as 3.

I hope that she receives praise for her valuable contribution to the store. I have never had an amavita shop with online surveys but this one seems to be difficult. Thanks again Maya for all your assistance. I absolutely appreciate the pharmacist Megan. She goes way above and beyond in helping me with whatever questions I may have, even if I call to ask a question she always takes amavita shop time to talk to me if I have a meltdown.

Amavita shop out of their way to help. Pharmacist Ola was especially good in checking my medication and checking with the doctor and making the necessary change. I have been shopping in shoppers drug amavita shop at kings gate mall in east Broadway,since in Vancouver.

But I have never seen such unfriendly, miserable aggressive customer service in amavita shop and beauty department. In my opinion she should work at warehouse not amavita shop front dealing with customers. The survey never worked for me again today. Second time this month it wouldnt let me amavita shop out form.

Looking for powder foundation. She went out of her way to find the perfect solution for my skin type. No sorry for your inconvenience or amavita shop. Your customer service is horrible at this store. I have worked amavita shop retail for many amavita shop and have never amavita shop across customer service as bad as this store.

It would be nice if staff treated customers with respect. After all we as customers pay their wages. This is an inconvenience for me to have to go back to the store to replace my item. From now on going to London Drugs!

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